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Our winery

"Petrino Chorio" Wine

Our winery, the history of which begins back in 1996, was for several years the vision of the owner, Kostas Papathanasopoulos, who, from a very young age, knew and believed in the high potential of the area’s vineyards as well as the high quality of the wines produced.

Traditional techniques, modern technology, and quality assurance systems are harmoniously combined in the winery, where initially the bunch and rack are separated to ferment for approximately 15–18 days while it is stored in special tanks for at least 12 months or even more depending on the type of wine being made.

The vinification process we follow in “Petrino Chorio” respects the unique character of each variety and highlights the best elements of our vineyards.

Besides, it is in our philosophy that the quality and characteristics of a wine are “decided” in the vineyards, while the winery plays a pivotal role in the production of quality wine.

The winery is also open for visitors and accepts visitors by appointment only.