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Thermo: Visit of the PDE echelon for Agri-Food

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Thermo was visited by the Deputy Councilor-Assistant Regional Governor of Western Greece responsible for issues of Producer groups, Cooperation and Regional Agricultural Policy, Michael Goudas, and the Deputy Councilor responsible for PAA and Ground  Improvements, Giorgos Kontogiannis, accompanied by the Agronomist of the Western Greece Region, Popi Aggeli, in the context of supporting the regional strategy for agri-food, through the promotion of collective actions, entrepreneurship, and innovation.

Initially, an extensive discussion was held at Thermo Town Hall with the Mayor, Spyros Konstandaras and the Deputy Mayor, Kostas Papathanasopoulos, on issues of Producer Groups, certification of agricultural products (POP, PGE and Mountain Areas), organization of beekeeping, and animal husbandry.

During the meeting, it was emphasized that the COVID-19 pandemic makes the importance of agricultural production, processing, trading, and consumption of food more relevant than ever. After all, the concern it caused is incorporated in the EU Green Deal and especially in the “Farm to Fork” strategy concerning agri-food, where together with the “Climate Agreement” and “Biodiversity” they constitute the main development strategies of the new KAP.

Thermo, a mountainous region of Aitoloakarnania, produces quality agricultural products and, at the same time, operates in an environment of high aesthetic value, as was evident from the subsequent visits to local businesses.