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Merlot Vineyards

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Another cosmopolitan variety grown in our vineyards is the international Merlot.

Merlot is a French grape variety used to produce red wines.

From this variety is produced the special red wine “Petrino Chorio,” with a deep purple color, aromas of vanilla and black fruits and a nutty taste.

In Greece, the Merlot variety is grown mainly in Halkidiki, Larissa, Attiki and Pella, but in Petrochori of the Municipality of Thermo in Etoloakarnania, it found the right place to grow its amazing elements.

In 2004, it occupied 105,000 hectares, and the variety expanded to 108,000 hectares internationally.


The variety has medium resistance to diseases such as downy mildew and vine ash rot. But the variety is sensitive to drought.