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Harvesting Grapes/The Harvest

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It is often said that “a white wine without aroma has nothing.”

The harvesting of the grapes as well as their sorting, which is done bunch by bunch, are carried out by the people who work on the estate using the manual method.

The harvest process begins at the end of August and ends in mid-October with the last vines, whose maturation requires more days than other types.

Harvest of white grapes

It is often said that “a white wine without aroma has nothing.” When we say aroma in this case, we mean mainly the aroma of the grapes and not the secondary aroma that develops during a healthy alcoholic fermentation. Secondary aroma alone is not enough for a quality white wine.

A necessary condition is, therefore, that the harvesting of the white grapes takes place at the right moment of maturity that coincides with the existence of a strong aroma. The right time is found before the grapes are fully ripe.

In addition to the aroma, the healthy state of the grape significantly affects the quality of the wine produced.

The white grapes must be harvested and transported to the winery carefully and without inconvenience, so that they remain intact. Harvesting in small boxes helps to avoid premature pressing and extraction of the components of the solid parts of the grape, which is undesirable in the production of quality white wines.


Afterwards, the bunch and the rack are separated so that the fermentation takes place for about 10–15 days while it is stored in special tanks.

For the locals, in Petrochori, the harvest is a kind of ritual, organizing many different events to celebrate the annual production of grapes at the end of September.


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